Authorized Economic Operator, AEO

Our group was passed AEO’s validation on Feb 29, 2011.
As a Security Accredited AEOs, OLC’s procedure security of sea and air cargo transport, monitor of storage moving, workplace / MIS security and personnel access control will be recognized by Costumes and customers all over the world. The reputation of OLC will also be promoted and raised.
What is AEO certification?
The attack on USA on the 11th of September, 2011 lead to the tightening of security for imported goods around the world. Therefore, the concept of AEO was introduced by World Customs Organisation (WCO) to be adopted by different countries in connection to their national custom security measures.
An AEO is a concept that foster customs to business partnership. Basically, the AEO is involved in the international movement of goods that have been approved by the national customs authorities, as complying with the standards set by the WCO on the supply chain security.
Companies that do business internationally need to apply for the AEO certificate if they want to benefit from the advantages the certificate has to offer. Generally, the holders of AEO certificate get easier admittance to customs simplifications; are recognised as a secure and safe business partner; get improved relations with Customs and other government authorities; reduce the chances of loss of goods; get a lower inspection cost.
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東方超捷台北港國際物流中心通過ISO 9001:2015驗證

東方超捷國際物流中心通過ISO 9001:2015驗證
ISO 9001:2015是一項國際標準,它是由國際標準化組織(ISO)制定並於2015年發布的。該標準旨在確保組織建立和遵循一個有效的品質管理體系,以提供符合客戶需求和期望的產品和服務。
ISO 9001:2015強調了品質管理的重要性,並要求組織將客戶滿意度作為核心目標。該標準鼓勵組織進行持續改進,通過確定和滿足客戶需求、建立有效的流程和程序、監控和評估組織績效等方式,來提高品質管理水平。
ISO 9001:2015的要求包括以下幾個方面:
這項認證的獲得是我們全體團隊努力、奮發向前的成果。我們一直致力於建立和維護高品質的服務標準,並以客戶滿意度為中心。通過ISO 9001:2015認證的嚴格審核,我們的卓越品質管理實踐得到了國際認可,這是對我們不斷提升運營效能和提供卓越服務的承諾的最佳證明。
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OFS International Logistics Center

OFS International Logistics Center (Taipei Port)
Special Features of the Logistics Center
In addition to the bonded warehousing function, the logistics center has the following features:
May declare at the Customs in the name of owner.
May have self-owned or contracted carriers to replace bonded trucks.
Dedicated personnel may substitute the Customs to transport the goods.
May store bonded goods in container instead of warehouse.
Carry out reconditioning and simple processing operations, and those can be handled by outsourcing.
Domestic goods entry/exit the logistic center are exempt from declaration to the Customs.
Transport to the tax area to participate in exhibitions, inspections and examinations.
‘Logistics Center’ operators are eligible for the fastest customs clearance. Foreign or domestic goods (not only raw materials) are stored in the logistics center (low sampling rate, 24-hour customs clearance, no escort, etc.)
Foreign goods entering the logistics center may be declared with L1 transshipment application form, or be stored with D8 declaration form. Goods stored with D8 declaration form are free of paper and cargo examination when exiting the warehouse.
 Customized Services and Integrated Logistics Resources
Customized warehousing services
Customized multi-functional logistics services
Meeting warehousing needs of different industries
Responding to different storage volumes or sudden warehousing needs during low and peak seasons
Tailor-made warehousing services
Reduce storage fee and effectively control costs
Integrated logistics services
Provided by OLC Group comprehensive sea & air freight, customs declaration, warehousing, logistics / transportation, e-commerce, insurance and other services. Provide customers with all-in-one integrated logistics services.
One-stop service
Provide point-to-point one-stop service. Customers can use online warehouse logistics system to integrate resources from logistics units to front-line distribution.
Professional third-party logistics
OFS views our core business, ocean/air freight, as international logistics foundation, and expands our business domain to warehousing, customs declaration, E-commerce logistics, insurance etc. Meet customer’ diverse logistics needs.
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OFS GLG has obtained ISO 14064-1:2018 Certification (Verification Statement of Greenhouse)

 As one of the top three international logistics companies in Taiwan and a Fortune 500 service provider, OFS plays a critical role in the product life cycle, with transportation accounting for 25%. To address the pressure of the 2027 Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), OFS GLG has successfully passed a carbon inventory check and obtained ISO14064-1:2018 certification, carbon neutral certificate, UNFCCC-CER, and GS certification.
Transportation and logistics account for about 25% of the product life cycle. In pursuit of the goals of Corporate Sustainability and the Net Zero Emissions by 2050, OFS would like to acheve zero-carbon emissions in the process of transit.
We wish to take our social responsibilities, and contribute to the protection of the environment.
OFS' business strategy and objectives : Create mutually beneficial in partnerships with stakeholders through core technical expertise.
According to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which was enacted by the United Nations, we are committed to pursue the target of " Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Creating Shared Value (CSV) ". We have established environmental sustainability and flexible innovation to respond to the growing concerns about environmental issues and social prosperity trends.
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